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Miniature, Portable, Wireless EEG Device with Quality Software That Fits in the Palm of Your Hand

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NeuroEEG ™ is a Compact, Portable and Affordable Wireless EEG device that fits in the palm of your hand.
NeuroEEG™ is manufactured by MemoryMD, Inc.

NeuroEEG™ is a 16-channel FDA cleared, clinical-grade device, intended for prescription use to acquire, record, transmit, and display electrical brain activity for patients of all ages.

NeuroEEG™ works in parallel with the NeuroCap™, a pre-gelled disposable EEG head set with 19 channels and 22 electrodes / sensors. Fixed electrode placement is in accordance with the international 10-20 system.


Full bluetooth


8 hour battery life

500 Hz

Sampling Rate

Dr. Gaitanis on NeuroEEG Amplifier

Chief of Pediatric Neurology at Tufts Medical Center

“NeuroEEG is extremely light and small, and wearing it you feel almost nothing…”

Dr. Hixson about NeuroEEG Benefits

Associate Professor of Neurology at the University of California

“NeuroEEG and NeuroCap have a real potential to deliver affordable EEG tests”

NeuroEEG Software™

MemoryMD, Inc. provides a wireless, portable EEG amplifier system featuring quality software that is very easy to use.

The EEG data acquired by NeuroEEG™ is to be interpreted by a licensed medical professional for provision of a diagnosis. This device does not provide any diagnostic conclusion about a subject's condition.

Key Features of NeuroEEG Software
  • Configure various montage scheme

  • Artifact selection mode

  • QEEG analysis including power spectrum, 3D topographic mapping and correlative analysis

  • Rhythm amplitude and indexes calculation

  • Quick view of long recordings with an auto mark of pathological segments

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  • Generally available EEG Devices
  • The equipment for an electroencephalogram (EEG) assessment is large, clunky, expensive, with multiple wires.

  • EEG professionals are required to set up and run the test due to the complicated device configuration.

  • EEG Software is complicated / overwhelming and requires extensive training.

  • With average preparation of 30-45 minutes, an EEG test in general runs for longer than 60 minutes.

  • NeuroEEG™ solution
  • NeuroEEG™ is a portable, versatile and compact miniature device that can easily be deployed across any number of different patient settings.

  • Easy setup on NeuroEEG solution lets clinical staff of any level set up and run the EEG test under the supervision of physician.

  • User-friendly intuitive NeuroEEG Software™ requires minimal training.

  • With pre-gelled and pre-fixed NeuroCap™, the time to initiate the test takes less than 5 minutes, and an EEG test runs less than 25 minutes

Fields of Application
  • Neurology
  • Emergency Room (ER)
  • Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
  • Urgent Care
  • Operating Room (OR)
  • Nursing Care / Assisted Living Facilities
  • Ambulances
  • Sports Medicine
  • Clinical Research

NeuroEEG™ works in parallel with the NeuroCap™, a pre-gelled disposable EEG headset with 22 electrodes and 19 active EEG channels.

NeuroCap™ is compatible with any encephalograph via the universal cable.

NeuroCap™ reduces the setup time of EEG test by 75%.

NeuroCaps™ are available in small, medium, and large sizes.

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