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Products in Active Development
Leveraging our existing products and drawing from ongoing research conducted in our Brain Scientific labs, we are developing and will be commercializing next-gen solutions that introduce breakthrough EEG technology to the brain diagnostic market.
Routine EEG
New products for
Routine market:

with 8 channels)
Pediatric EEG Caps
New products for
Pediatric market:
NeuroCap-8 Pediatric
Long-Term Monitoring
New products for
LTM market (24+ hours):
NeuroCap-8 Pediatric
NeuroEEG Amplifier

(24 channels)
Artificial Intelligence
New products for AI market:
Brain E-Tattoo
Brain AI: Neural Network
enabled predictive capabilities
for brain health / disease
Routine EEG Product Extensions
NeuroCap-8 is an 8-channel EEG cap. The reduced number of electrodes are vital for urgent situations in Emergency Rooms and Intensive Care Units where setup time is of the essence.
NeuroCap-8 offers a quick set-up where reduced montagecaps are applied to patients in fractions of the time it takes to apply conventional caps. This is a critical feature during urgentmedical situations where minutes matter.
Pediatric Market Product Extensions
NeuroCap-8 Pediatric will be the first disposable pre-gelled and pre-fixed headset available to the pediatric market. This easy to use, child-size cap overcomes the infection challenges and inconvenience burdens of conventional EEG pediatric products.
Long-Term Monitoring Product Extensions
NeuroCap-8 LTM for adult and pediatric and NeuroCap-22 LTM (for adult) are disposable caps that will monitor rhythmic and periodic patterns for up to72-hours to provide important diagnostic information to guide patient management. Benefits of NeuroCap in LTM include:
reduced infections as the disposable cap is recycled, eliminating the need to sanitize electrodes after use.
a flexible complementary solution that is compatible with existing 3rd party EEG amplifiers
NeuroEEG 24 Channel Amplifier is a portable and wireless amplifier with a 24+ hour battery life.
Artificial Intelligence Products
Brain E-Tattoo: Subcutaneous Implantable EEG Electrode is a minimally invasive 4 channel implant designed for long-term monitoring to detect epileptic seizures.
A.I. Database of Brain Biomarkers is a collection of normal & abnormal brain data utilized for detection of neurological diseases. Supplementary machine learning algorithms are in development to enhance predictive behavior for epilepsy, memory dementia & pre-Alzheimer’s diagnostics.

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