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Technology Is The Key To Solving Shortage in Neurological Care

Leveraging our existing products and drawing from ongoing research conducted in our Brain Scientific labs, we are developing and will be commercializing next-gen solutions that introduce breakthrough EEG technology to the brain diagnostic market.

The Problem

While the demand for neurological services is growing rapidly, the supply of trained neurologists is not keeping pace, leading to a serious lack of access even within developed health systems such as the US. The issue is only compounded further internationally.

U.S. Neurologist Supply & Demand Mismatch

U.S. Neurologist Supply & Demand Mismatch

Several “neurology deserts” exist even in the US:

20 states in the US with less than
10 Neurologists per 10,000 neurology patients

  • 16% growth in demand over 12 years
  • 11% growth in supply over 12 years

Community/Rural Hospitals

Only 254 of 6210 US hospital are Level 4 Epilepsy centers with 24/7 EEG coverage

A fraction of non-Level 4 Epilepsy centers have 24/7 EEG coverage

Extend 24/7 EEG coverage to over
5900 hospitals with NeuroCap & NeuroEEG

Neurology Practice

In the US, there are approximately:

16,000 Neurologists
3000 Epileptologists
1000 Pediatric Neurologists

Our remote solutions offer a 2 fold benefit:
(1) access to specialists
(2) increased client base for specialist

Additional Markets in Demand

Tertiary Care

Urban Emergency Departments and Intensive Care Units
Community/Rural Hospitals

Ambulatory Care

Neurologist Practice
Primary Care/Internal Medicine
Pain Management Clinics

Independent Diagnostic Testing Facilities (IDTF)

Sleep Labs
Nursing Homes
Mobile Clinics

Our Solution

Commercialize a suite of next-gen diagnostic products that feature technological advances to bridge the current gap in neurology.

FDA Cleared Commercial Products


NeuroCap™ is a disposable, pre-gelled headset (19 channel, 22 electrode) that can be applied easily and quickly.

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NeuroEEG™ is a modern, portable EEG system that fits in the palm of your hand.

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FDA Cleared Commercial Products

Next Gen Solutions In Active Development

Secure, cloud-based, highly scalable infrastructure to transmit patient data between teleneurologists and patients.

Virtual Neurologist Network


Artificial Intelligence powered analysis software for diagnostic interpretation assistance - using aggregated cloud data for learning

  • Video Feed
  • Cloud transmitted reading

Teleneurology network of providers: Tele-neurologists in major urban cities, academic medical center.


Portable, lightweight, Bluetooth enabled diagnostic devices


Disposable, easy-to-use, clinical-grade sensors

  • Bedside tablet / computer

Secure cloud for video and diagnostic data transfer and storage

Remote Point of Care

e.g., ER, ICU, Community Hospital in geographics
with low access to neurology

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